PG-Palooza (PGP Labs Day)

Nearly 5000 people have joined our participant community, pledging their data to the PGP’s public data ecosystem, making ours one of the most well-characterized and empowered cohorts in history. ¬†With every donated byte, the utility of our data library grows.
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PG-Palooza researchers included:


PGPalooza1 PGPalooza2
PGPalooza3 PGPalooza4




One comment on “PG-Palooza (PGP Labs Day)

  1. Clifford G Andrew Reply

    We had 26 PGP participants enroll today in PGPALS (The PGP Alzheimer’s Longitudinal Study).

    I will be e-mailing all to get your PGP ID: hu… and PGP No. (if your genome has already been sequenced), and will be working with to get the 12 Environmental Factors Surveys in final shape for you all to start filling out.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Cliff Andrew

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