MindEx Agenda (Saturday, Sept 12, Sanders Theatre)

8:00 am
Conference registration and check in
9:00 am
Dr. Preston Estep, opening remarks
9:15 am
Dr. George Church, conference overview and introduction
9:25 am
Dr. Martine Rothblatt

What I Learned from Being Labeled Mentally Ill and My Views on Some Challenges Facing Cyberconscious Minds

morning keynote
9:50 am
Dr. Ed Boyden
10:15 am
Dr. Ron Kessler, The Global Burden of Mental Disorders
10:40 am
David McRaney
11:10 am
11:20 am
Dr. Jordan Smoller
11:45 am
Panel discussion with Drs. Wrangham, Boyden, Church, Rothblatt, and Kessler
The Transition From Mind Evolution to Mind Engineering
12:30 pm
Lunch break, DIY at local dining halls and eateries

MindEx 2015 Restaurants

2:00 pm
Dr. George Church,

The Current State of Personal Genomics

afternoon keynote
2:25 pm
Dr. Jack Harris
2:45 pm
Dr. Madeleine Price Ball
3:05 pm
KT Pickard, DIY Genomics: One Family’s Journey
3:25 pm
Dr. Sasha Wait Zaranek
3:45 pm
3:55 pm
 Dr. Cliff Andrew, PGP Alzheimer’s Longitudinal Study (PGPALS)

Investigating the Complex Interplay Between Genomics, Environment and Age-Related Dementias

4:15 pm
Dr. Rob Morris
4:40 pm
Justine Debelius
5:00 pm
 Alex Hoekstra, Overview of PG-Palooza

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  1. Donald Beck Reply

    Would like to attend, and unfortunately I can’t. I live in Palm Springs , CA. Can I receive information after the conference of the event and happenings

  2. […] with a conference this weekend (it’s free and at harvard saturday) with a pretty sweet speaker... orangenarwhals.com/2015/09/harvard-mindex-conference-this-saturday-912-sanders-theatre

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